5 good reasons to choose coated tires

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1 Safety
As safe, tested and certified as new tires.
A covered tire is a retreaded tire: the tread is completely replaced from a previous tire.
Retreading is possible because the structure of a tire, the internal load-bearing part, has a solidity to have a much longer life than that of the tread. After centering and balancing, the vulcanization process fuses the old structure with the new cover.
The covered tire solution is revolutionizing the trade in air transport and heavy road transport tires (in heavy transport, the “overlay” of a tire is possible up to three times, while for cars only once).
It is a tire that has undergone the same safety and quality checks as a completely new tire.
This especially considering the fact that used tires are not chosen at random for the retreading of tires.

2 Savings
A remanufactured tire can cost half of the new equivalent.
The energy cost of remanufacturing a tire compared to the cost of creating a completely new tire is 70% lower!
The process of retreading a tire preserves – imagine the cost savings for manufacturing companies – 80% of the material of a tire, which otherwise would have provided for its elimination by incineration or by depositing it in landfills.

3 Environment
A low impact tire in environmental and noise pollution
For the production of a new tire, crude oil consumption is usually between 20 and 28 liters. For the production of a covered tire we speak of 5.5 liters: 75% less.
Not only that: think about the disposal of the tire in landfills: it takes at least 100 years for a buried tire to be completely eliminated.

4 Resistence
A tire covered like a new one provides a tire life with long life, low rolling resistance on asphalt (a worn tire does not guarantee a good performance for this reason). So overall it guarantees more mileage, less fuel consumption and less CO2 production.
A remanufactured tire is as safe and durable as a new tire.

5 Efficiency
The advantages on asphalt are the same as those of a new tire.
A new tire has a tread that guarantees your vehicle lower consumption, and therefore greater efficiency. With the same amount of fuel, you will be able to go further.
All with a low impact tire on the environment and on your wallet.