Guaranteed Rebuilding

We guarantee our tires for 1 year to protect all our customers from factory defects. According to and for the effects of att. 1487 and 1488 of the Civil Code, the warranty on retreaded tires is limited to cases of defects or failures found on tires rebuilt during their use, provided they are attributed to imperfect processing.

The attribution to the working of defects or failures remains in any case of exclusive and unquestionable relevance of the Technicians of the Reconstructor. The rebuilt tires presented in claim, if accepted and reclaimed, are not returned.
By way of example, tears or lacerations of the carcass, detachments of the pre-existing material, swelling or blowing of cloths, heel ruptures, are not normally attributed to manufacturing defects. These failures therefore exempt Ziarelli Mario Ricostruzione Gomme S.r.l. from every responsibility. No responsibility can be attributed to Ziarelli Mario Reconstruction Gomme S.r.l. for direct or indirect damages caused to people or things, due to breakages, explosions or other defects of any kind, on rebuilt tires.